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Alice’s 5 moons (1997)
Jeroen Van Herzeele tenor sax
John Schoeder guitar
Jan kuijken cello
Falk Willis drums
Nicolas Thys ac/elec bass
01 - 77 (Opening)
02 - Once & Others
03 - ID Lock
04 - Trains
05 - Done
06 - Yel Yel Yel
07 - Alice’s 5 moons
08 - 77 (Trash Party In The Rocket Ship)
09 - Juda's Smile
10 - Bethel Assembly
Nicolas Thys trio ’In my tree'
Jeroen van Herzeele tenor sax
Steve Altenberg drums
01 - Old Man
02 - Lawn, featuring Ghalia Ben Ali
03 - I'm calling you
04 - Easy
05 - Borhan
06 - Bordeline
07 - Blessed & sinful
08 - Alice & Mamy
09 - Acceptance
THYS (2005)  -the vocal album-
Nicolas Thys compo, arrangements,bass,guitar,drums,wurlitzer,rhodes,organ,percussion,synths,vocals....
Guests Toots Thielemans,christian Urich,Zeke Zima,Ethan White,Takuya Nakamura,Dan Rieser,Pete Rende,John Bollinger,...
01 - Babybabybaby
02 - Save My Soul
03 - Think again
04 - Don't shoot
05 - Journey to the west
06 - Interlude
07 - just because
08 - friends
09 - Black rose
10 - filters
11 - of all the things that I do
12 - just because slow
Virgo (2009)
Chris Cheek tenor sax
Ryan Scott guitar
Jon Cowherd piano
Dan Rieser drums
01 - Disco Monkey
02 - 99 ocean
03 - G brazil
04 - It's Been A While
05 - Virgo
Miscellaneous Recordings
"disco X + apocalyptic coda" another failed atempt but I actually love it, comp by NT
"can festis" Pierre Van Dormael,nicolas Thys,Stéphane Galland comp by NT.
"Circles vamp" A favorite track of mine with me on bass(es) and Stéphane Galland percussion
"Circles" recorded in trio with Pierre Van Dormael,Stéphane Galland et Nicolas Thys ( comp by N.T.)
"falling from the sky" Drum progamming&production Dré Pallemaerts everything else Nicolas Thys ( composition N.T.)
"holyfields" Falk Willis,John Schroeder,Takuya Nakamura,Rhasaan Manning,nicolas Thys ( Alice's 5 moons)
"I love NY in the springtime" Produced by Daniel Romeo Vocals Rhasaan Oyasaba Manning & Nicolas Thys ( comp by N.T.)
"just because slow" featuring Aisha, some neo soul track recorded in Brooklyn around 2005 (comp by N.T.)
"psalm for Anne Marie" Falk Willis,John Schroeder,Takuya Nakamura,Rhasaan Manning,nicolas Thys( Alice's 5 moons)
"the peanut" written while we were pregnant with pour first baby – Stéphane Galland perc, Pierre Van Dormael guitare, Nicolas Thys guitare
"the shell and the butterfly" Falk Willis,John Schroeder,Takuya Nakamura,Nicolas Thys,Rhasaan Maning


KD’S decade “live”
Kris Defoort’s opera “the woman who walked into doors”
Kris Defoort quartet
Kris Defoort  “Dreamtime”
Eric vermeulen ‘Icarus consort”
Bart Defoort “moving”
Bart Defoort/emanuele Cisi 5tet “sharing stories on our journey”
Felix Simptaine “intensive act”
Kurt Van Herck “ another day,another dollar”
Fred Wilbaux “chronaxie”
Pierre Vaiana Al Funduq “Porta del vento”
Brazilian girls
Grafftiti blue
Five up high feat. Benjamin herman
Bart Pullens and his seaside band “de toonzaal”
Europ jazz contest “15th hoeilaart int’l” B sharp
Johannes Herllich “thinking of you”
Emanuel Rueffler “rocket”
Kris defoort quartet ‘Sound plaza”
Stephane Mercier “safe and sound in long island city”
Octurn “ ocean”
Octurn “round”
Bill Carrothers “swing sing song”
Bill Carrothers “I love Paris”
Bill Carrothers “live at the vanguard”
Tomas & Co “ le singulier des pluriels”
Jason Seizer “patience”
Jason Seizer “Fair way”
Brussels jazz orchestra “the September session”
Jesse Van ruller European quintet
Nicolas Kummert “voices”
Vincent Scarito “it’s heaven”
Kaat Hellings “hit of the century”
Yves Peeters ‘soundtracks”
Walter Lang trio “Eurasia”
Walter Lang trio “Best master qualities”
Walter lang trio “romantische strasse”
Walter Lang trio ”the sound of a rainbow”
Walter Lang trio “softly as in a mornig sunrise”
Walter Lang trio “lotus blossom”
Walter lang trio “across the universe”-(the beatles songbook)
Walter Lang trio plays Charlie Chaplin
The open country project “brotherhood”
Martinez move “hybrid offspring”
Tutu Puoane “quiet now”
Tutu Puoane "breathe"
Andy Maile “mailensteine”
Nils Wogram “speed life”
David Linx “standards”
Daniel Jodocy quartet feat Chris Cheek
Elie Massias "Brooklyn days"
Jef Neve’s Groovething
Gorka Benitez “solo la veridad e sexy” fresh sound
Gorka Benitez"al otro lado" fresh sound
Tuur Florizoone “MIXTUUR”
Robin Verheyen “starbound”
Zap Mama “A ma zone”
Toine Thys “Take the duck”
Oyasaba-the Brooklyn sound-Afrocentaure
Bender "ayo" de werf
Maria Di Fatima "stella" pirouet records
Marco Locurcio "la boucle" 2013
YPG(Yves Peeters group) "all you see" 2013
Daan "le franc belge" 2013
Royal Flemish Philarmonic presents Bert Joris & Tutu Puoane "live at the Roma" 
Nicolas Kummert "voices"
Tutu Puoane "Ilanga"
Vincent Scarito "beings"
Bill Carrothers "sunday morning"
TaxiWars 1
Taxiwars 2 
Kris Defoort "monk's dance"
Myriam Alter  "cross/ways"
Serge Lazarevitch "free three"
Nathalie Loriers "we will really meet again"
James & Black "live at La Chapelle" in Paris
Nicolas Kummert "la diversité"
Kris Defoort "diving poet socitety"
Toots Thielemans "the nearness of you"
Julien Tassin "sweet tension"
Veronika Harcsa/Bálint Gyémánt  "shapeshifter"
Myriam Alter & Nicolas Thys "it takes two"
Stéphane Mercier & Damon Brown 5tet "the road'
Jean-Paul Estiévenart quintet "strange bird"