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Februari 7th =-= Stéphane Mercier trio feat.Darren Beckett & Nicolas Thys chez Çois (be)

februari 8th =-= Stéphane Mercier trio feat.Darren Beckett & Nicolas Thys jazz station Bxl (Be)

februari 10th =-= Stéphane Mercier trio feat.Darren Beckett & Nicolas Thys Hopper A'pen (Be)

februari 11th =-= Landscape Maubeuge (fr)

februari 12th=-= Stéphane Mercier trio feat.Darren Beckett & Nicolas Thys Jacques pelzer JC Liège(BE)

februari 14th =-=Stéphane Mercier trio feat.Darren Beckett & Nicolas Thys Jazz Zolder Mechelen(BE)

februari 15th =-= la peau de l'ourse Uccle Bxl 6pm

februari 28th =-= la peau de l'ourse La Hulpe Bxl 6pm

MARCH 2020 =

march 12th =-= Jean-Paul Estiévenart 5tet handelsbeurs Gent (BE)

march 15th =-= BROADWAY NEON Wolewinkel Geel (BE)

march 18th =-= BROADWAY NEON Jacques Pelzer jazz club (BE)

march 21st =-= BROADWAY NEON Appletuin Leuven (BE)

march 22nd =-= landscape Maastricht (NL)

march 27th =-= Nicolas Fiszman carte blanche Namur (BE)

APRIL 2020 =

april 1st =-= BROADWAY NEON café Cabron A'pen (BE)

april 12th =-= TaxiWars Roots of heaven Harrem (NL)

april 13th=-= TaxiWars De Helling Utrecht (NL)

april 14th =-= TaxiWars de Kreeun Kortrijk (BE)

april 15th =-= TaxiWars het Depot Leuven (BE)

april 16th =-= TaxiWars de Roma A'pen (BE)

april 17th =-= Free four  les avins en Condroz l'Atelier (BE)

april 18th =-= Free four Eupen (BE)

april 19th =-= TaxiWars theatre de Spa (BE)

april 20th =-= TW Mezz Breda (NL)

april 21st =-= TW fith NRE Eindhoven (NL)

april 22nd =-= Jean-paul Estiévenart 5tet la Chapelle Bruxelles (BE)

april 23rd =-= Free four Jazz Station Bxl (Be)

april 24th =-= Free four l'An Vert Liège (BE)

april 25th =-= Free four Mouscron (BE)

april 26th =-= Free four Tourines la grosse (BE)

april 29th =-= Juicy Botanique Bxl (BE)

april 30th =-= JP Estiévenart 5tet jazz Station international jazz day Bxl (BE)

MAY 2020 =

may 1st =-= Free four Comines (BE)

may 2nd =-= Free four Mazy (BE)

may 4,5,6th = Landscape KVS Bxl (BE)

may 14th =-= JP Estiévenart 5tet jazz à Liège (BE)

may 15th =-= Veronika Harcsa Neustad (DE)

may 16th =-= Veronika Harcsa band Amersfoort (NL)

may 18th =-=landscape C-Mine Genk (BE)

may 26th =-= Landscape stadschouwburg Kortrijk (BE)

may 28th =-= Landscape CC Berchem (BE)

may 29th =-= Veronika Harcsa band Hameln (DE)

may 30th/31st =-= Veronika Harcsa band Budapest jazz club (H)

JUNE 2020 =

june 4th/5th Landscape A'pen (BE)

june 13th =-= Pierre Vaina Bozar

june 19th =-= Broadway neon Op Weule Bxl

JULY 2020 =

july 3rd=-=  Nathalie Loriers/Tineke Postma/Nicolas Thys concertgebauw A'dam (NL)

july 4th =-= Veronika Harcsa Scholss Agathenburg Hamburg (DE)

july 5th =-= JP Estiévenart 5tet Brosella Bxl (BE)

july 12th =-= TaxiWars Northsea jazz festival (NL)

july 16th =-= Veronika Harcsa Kobuci kert (H)

july 17th =-= TaxiWars Gentjazz (B)

july 18th =-= Veronika Harcsa Valley of arts (HU)

july 22nd/25th =-= JP Estiévenart Canary Islands festival (S) 

july 27th August 2nd =-= Dworp jazz summer camp

AUGUST 2020 = 

august 23rd ➜ september "the time of our singing" opera Kris Defoort De Munt Bxl (BE)


september 15th,17th,18th,20th,22nd,23rd,24th,25th,27th  "the time of our singing" opera Kris Defoort De Munt Bxl (BE)

september 26th =-= Nathalie Loriers/Tineke Postma/Niclas Thys jazz kerk Aartswoud (NL)

OCTOBER 2020 =

october 11th Peter/Stefan Hertmans  (NL)

october 16th/17th =-= BROADWAY NEON Comines (BE)


november 19th =-= Veronika Harcsa Liège (BE)

november 27th =-= Julien Tassin Mol (BE)

 DECEMBER 2020 =

december 10th =-= Julien Tassin De Warande Turnhout (BE)

december 11th =-= The Sound People Project private concert BXL (BE)

december 12th =-= The Sound People Project Mazy (BE)

december 29th =-= JP Etisévenart 5tet Chambery (FR)