MARCH 2018 =

march 2nd=-=-= toine & Nicolas Thys 4tet feat. antoine Pierre & Nicola Andrioli @ the Jazz station Brussels

march 16th=-=-= solo contrabass performance living room concert Avenue Ducpetiaux 17, sonnette SACCIA Bruxelles

APRIL 2018 =

april 6th =-=- The Sound People Project (feat Eva Rose Thys ) L'An Vert in Liège

april 7th =-=- The Sound People Project (feat Eva Rose Thys ) Jazz Station Bxl

april 9th-13th =-=-= TaxiWars 3rd album recording

april 15th- 19th =-=-=Veronica Harcsa 4tet Budapest live concerts

MAY 2018 =

may 9th =-=- Project "we re-insist"  De Singer Rijkevorsel

may 10th =-=-= Project "we re-insist" CC De Kern Wilrijk

may 11th-=-= Project "we re-insist" Bozar Bxl

may 12th=-=- Nathalie Loriers/Tineke Postma/Nicolas Thys  Luxembourg

may 20th =-=- Itamar Borochov band Den Bosch (NL)

may 25th =-=-Itamar Borochov band Bxl (BE)

may 26th =-=- Itamar Borochov band Amsterdam (NL)

may 27th =-=- Itamar Borochov band Eupen (BE)

JUNE 2018 =

June 2nd =-=- Stéphane Mercier 4tet  Dinlfos Rixensart

june 9th=-= Barbara Wiernick 5tet Mazy

june 10th -=-= Albert Villa trio Hopper A'pen

june 18th =-=-  Pablo Held band Köln DE

june 22nd =-=Bob Marley tribute Acte 3 Waterloo 

june 23rd =-=- Bob Marley tribute Rebecq

june 24th =-=- Bob Marley cinquatennaire Bxl

JULY 2018 =

july 15th - 21st Veronica Harcsa Tour/recording (Budapest Hungary)

july 29th =-=- Barbara Wiernick 5tet Dinant jazz feastival 

july 30th-- aug 5th HALEWIJN JAZZ STICHTING SUMMER CAMP   jazz workshop for all !!

AUGUST 2018 =

august 10th=-=- Julien Tassin trio Gaume jazz festival


september 7th -=-= Jean Paul Estiévennart 4tet Marni Bxl

september 20th =-=- Julien tassin Charleroi

september 22nd-=-= Julien Tassin Ancienne Belgique

OCTOBER 2018 =

octobre 19th-=-=- Julien Tassin trio 313 JAZZ (chez Bruno & Valérie BXL)

october 20th =-= Julien Tassin L'An Vert Liège


november 16th =-= Nathalie Loriers 4tet concert gebauw Brugge

november 17th =-= Julien Tassin trio La Conserve Leuven

november 25th -=-= Tutu Puoane Tales by moonlight den Bosch (N)


december 5th =-=- Barbara Wiernick 5tet jaz station Bxl

december 15th =-=-= Barbara Wiernick 5tet Eupen

december 19th=-=- Barbara Wiernick 5tet Jacques Pelzer jazz club Liège

JANUARI 2019 =

january 12th =-=- Tutu Puoane De Singer Rijkevorsel

januari 26th =-=- Julien Tassin trio Moucron


februari 1st=-=- Tutu Puoane "tales by moonlight" De Roma A'pen

februari 22nd =-=-= Tutu Puoane "tales by moonlight" CC Spikkerelle Avelgem

februari 23rd=-=- Tutu Puoane "tales by moonlight" Zwijndrecht OC 'T waaigat

MARCH 2019 =

march 22nd =-=- Tutu Puoane "tales by moonlight" CC De Bosuil Jesus Eick

APRIL 2019 =

april 3rd =-=-= Tutut Puoane "tales by moonlight " Dilbeek CC

april 5th -=-=- Tutu Puoane "tales by moonlight" Wetteren CC De Nova

april 22nd ➜ may 31st  "landscape tour" feat. Josse De Pauwe/Kris Defoort/Lander Gijselinck/Nicolas Thys

AUGUST 2020 =

august 23rd ➜ october 8th "the time of our singing" opera Kris Defoort world tour