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here are a few you tube links i posted recently


these are with "NOTEBOOK" . this duo I have with Dries Laheye, great young bassist.


these are from a gig last december with the Bill Carrothers trio




for the rest & in no particular order..

Zuco 103
Nice music and good friends of mine ( we go way back,early nineties..)

Tortured soul
Cant tell you enough how much I love Christian and Ethan.
Brothers from another mother, from a different lifetime.
Worked with them a lot back in NYC days.
We share the love for good dance music.

Brazilian girls
Worked with them a lot too when I was in NYC, I’m singing some drunk/messed up backing vocals on their debut album(nominated for a grammy)
Worked with Sabina Sciubba on her solo thing, Worked with Didi on his solo thing, and Jessy Murphy, wel, I just love you Jessy, main influence on me.

Pirouet Records
A small but fine record label based in Munich, Germany.
Cofounded in 2003 by two guys, one of them is Ralph Buerklin, a business man whose love for our musical art form made him invest in this adventure. God bless people like him.
The other guy is Jason Seizer, another brother from another mother.
An awesome human being, saxophonist and sound engineer/ producer.
I had and still have the pleasure to work with them in different situations, for example my own “virgo” album and Bill Carrothers'  ”a night at the village vanguard”.
Beautiful people. Check their site.

Falk Willis !!!!!
What can I say??
He’s my brother, he’s a oustanding drummer!!!Was, he stopped playing years ago.Check out my Alice’s 5 moons first CD, he’s on it.
After having played with everybody in NYC in his early 20’s(Kenny Garret, kurt Rosenwinkel 4tet, Ethan Iverson’s band,Ben monder trio to name a few…)he went and followed a different path, changed direction a few times and landed this web site.
Everything he does  he reaches for excellency.
This website is no exception.
I love you Falk( and I’m not high )

Takuya Nakamura( trumpet/keyboards/producer)
A great friend, an awesome musician, a major inspiration.
I worked in his trio in NYC, we toured with Jojo Mayer’s NERVE band and we played in Europe with one the versions of Alice’s 5 moons , my Belgian based band.
I want to work with you Tak.

a great friend/musician from NY.
I worked a lot with him live and on stage, beautiful person.
Check out his “graffiti blue” album.It became the soundtrack for the “love the hard way” movie featuring Adrian Brody and Pam Grier.
I play bass on a few tracks.

Bill Carrothers
I worked with Bill for over 15 years in his trio.
One of the greatest musician I work with.Truly amazing piano player.Talented beyond belief and extremely deep.
A great friend too.

Walter Lang
Worked with Walter for well over 10 years  in different settings.
We toured Japan countless times.Great musician and great friend.

Tuur Florizoone
Mister sunshine big heart Tuur.
I work with him in different lineups( MIXTUUR, JOSE).
Always enjoy his playing and his company.

Gorka benitez
My brother from Barcelona.Born on the same day(a year apart).Amazing saxophone/flute player.He really has a distinctive, sweet tone on the instrument.Worked with him for many(wild)years.

Tutu puoane
Beautiful Tutu Puoane, what a voice !!
I work with  her on regular basis since a few years now.Hopefully for many more.
Winner of 2 South Africa grammys for best female jazz singer.
Dianne Reeves is raving about her.She’s awesome.
Check her out.
Why is she not a star yet.Hmm… don’t really know.

Maak spirit
Lolo”you wont believe what I just did”Blondiau.
Nut case/great trumpet player/high school buddy/master organizer/charmer/party animal/best friend

Kris defoort
Old friend/amazing orchestrator/composer/visionary/artist/pianist.
Play with Chris for 20 years
KD’s decade,Sound plaza,C.Defoort quartet feat Jim Black, Mark Turner,Chris’s opera “the woman who walked into doors”,more recently Chris Defoort trio.

Yves Peeters
Part of his YPG project which I enjoy a lot.
I write for the project so I feel particularly close to that one.

Nicolas Kummert
Nicolas junior of petit Nicolas.
I think we have a lot in common.
We have this running joke between us with “small Nicolas and big Nicolas”( he’s a few year younger).
Great distinctive voice on the tenor saxophone and he likes to groove.
2 good reasons (among others) for me to love him so much.

She ‘s so special, beyond words..
I’ll try anyways.
She’s beautiful/a very noble,old soul/a very deep human being/a great friend/a spiritual guide/an amazing mother/strong/understanding/loving/driven/great cook/she makes amazing cookies/great pair of ears/a great wife…
website under contruction

Toine thys
What can I say?
He IS my blood brother from the same mother this time J

Guyora Katz
( my space)
Cant tell you how much I love this guy, good friend  and major influence on me.I fell in love with his music the first time I heard him in NYC mid nineties.
His own projects were Katz family,Hoss.He worked a lot with Q tip whom I met through him and Kurt Rosenwinkel.
Bob Power produced a project of his recently, cant wait to hear that.

Boris Gronenberger
Multi instrumentalist( drums,guitar,trumpet,vocals,bass,keyboards)
Extremely tastefull musician.
I’m a fan of everything he does.He participated in one of the versions of the Alice’s 5 moons band(’98,’99)

Very knowledgeable raezor’s edge,acoustic image,AMT microphones dealer.Very friendly too.
I endorse the raezor’s edge speakers.

Robin Verheyen
Young Belgian tenor player residing in NY.
I regularely play with him in his european quartet.
Very talented, already experienced player.Watch him, he’ll go far.
Go junior ;-)

Ben Waltzer
Best friend from my NY days.
Great guy, great piano player.
We worked together on the Isaac Mizrahi TV show.
Those were so much fun.
Ben, his wife Yazmin and their beautiful daughter Bella are really close to our family.We went to wedding in Jamaica years ago.

Bill Mc Henry
True friend from Brooklyn.Very dedicated and awesome tenor player.Stayed with him in Brooklyn for many months in the nineties.
Big influence on me.
We worked together in Barcelona an many occasion .We participated in the movie called “the visitor” from Tom Mc Carthy.

Zeke zima

Elie Massias

Dries Laheye

Lander Gyselinck

Dre Pallemaerts


Rahsaan Oyasaba Manning